We will strive to keep housing charges low for our members, while ensuring our building is well-maintained and our community values are supported.


Financial Responsibility, Sustainability

We will do long-term planning. We will strive for transparency and accountability in our finances and governance and prioritize the sustainability of our community and environment in our decision-making.


Family, Diversity, Inclusion, Respect

We will strive to include individuals and families of all kinds and seek connections with each other through mutual respect and understanding.


Participation, Cooperation, Helpfulness, Decision-making

We will support member involvement. We will strive to ensure decisions are made collectively through fair and democratic processes. We will welcome and encourage one another to get involved in order to maintain a vibrant and active community. We will enable those who are involved to get the skills and knowledge they need to contribute meaningfully.



Members of Sunrise Housing Co-operative

have for mission to support a diverse, inclusive and friendly community to maintain safe and affordable housing.



We strive to act, interact and engage based on our collectively agreed values.


Co-operative housing is a rewarding experience. Our members take responsibility for their own home, work with their neighbours, make collaborative decisions, test their new skills and build a strong and inclusive community. By living and working togther, we experience an improved quality of life and community that we could not have achieved on our own!


As an entreprise that is led and governed by its members, a housing co-op is really a reflection of the actions taken by its members. Everyone has a contribution to make!


We encourage all applicants to learn about housing co-operatives, their missions, values and principles. For more information about co-operative living, visit the Co-operative Housing Federation of British Columbia (CHFBC) website: www.chf.bc.ca


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